Weed protesters “not going anywhere”

Weed protesters "not going anywhere"

Weed protesters 'not going anywhere'
As hemp advocates rally the government’s plan to relist the flower as a narcotic on Monday, police stand guard as they protest the program. The demonstrators vowed to continue outside Government House until a law is passed to regulate the use of the flower. Chanat Katanyu

The meeting of cannabis advocacy organizations outside Government House, which are against the plant’s re-listing, was downplayed by public health secretary Somsak Thepsutin, who vowed to remain there until a law governing its use was passed.

Around 300 pro-cannabis activists on Sunday gathered under the direction of Prasitthichai Nunual, a member of the Women’s Network for Cannabis Legislation in Thailand, to protest the plant’s blacklisting and get ready for an extended be.

According to Mr. Somsak, the demonstrators were attempting to avert senior government officials ‘ hearings on Monday and were exercising their legal rights. He noted, however, that the prime minister had no provided any specific instructions regarding the opposition or the cannabis problem.

The Pheu Thai secretary, however, emphasized that the lock would continue to be available for economic growth and use of medicines.

He added that he had claims that business owners would have enough time to adjust in order to lessen the effects of the relisting.

He asked if the bill to regulate marijuana use would be unnecessary because it would put the plant back on the list of opioid drugs. He said discussions were also taking place and people were required to follow the latest rules until they are changed.

After the Bhumjaithai Party made the issue its main battle priority prior to the 2019 vote, the plant was decriminalized in 2022.

But, decriminalization came before the necessary legislation to regulate and control its use, which raised fears about misuse, particularly among younger age groups.

A hemp and hemp expenses that the party sponsored during the earlier parliament was approved in the first reading but rejected in the following.

There was riddled rumors that a law needed to regulate the use of the plant would be unnecessary because the Pheu Thai-led government planned to relist cannabis as a narcotic medication.

The advocacy groups for cannabis continued when long as it took to press for the passage of the rules to govern cannabis use, according to Mr. Prasitthichai.

” But we’re demanding a public discussion process to be formed if the government insists on reversing the choice. It’s no worse than nicotine or alcohol and has pharmaceutical parameters”, he said.

Anutin Charnviraku, the government’s deputy prime minister and interior minister, said the Bhumjaithai Party may consider both sides of the story.

He said the inquiry may be directed to the public health secretary about the possibility that the Public Health Ministry did try to control just particular elements, such as plants.