Ways sought to assist in isles” growth

Ways sought to assist in isles" growth

Ways sought to assist in isles' growth
Koh Samui

The state is looking to address some problems, including water scarcity and improper companies, that are hampering hospitality in Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

Tourism and Sports Minister Sermsak Pongpanich recently met with entrepreneurs from Surat Thani’sKoh Samuiand Koh Phangan islands to discuss the tourism situation in the province.

Koh Samui district chief Kampanat Klinsaowakon said tourism onKoh Samuihas improved since late last year, with large numbers of tourists visiting the island, especially by cruise ship.

He claimed that due to increased traffic, there are facilities problems on the island, including road safety and congestion, as well as inadequate fluids products.

According to the president of theKoh SamuiTourism Association, Ratchaporn Poolsawadee, the island’s infrastructure is not aligning with the increasing number of tourists.

Mr Ratchaporn said, for instance, the island has no boat ship pier, although over 40 cruise boats are scheduled to visit the area this time. Current passenger transfers to shore are made on smaller vessels. For a hassle and laborious circumstances prevent the country’s tourism progress.

In addition, he added that insufficient water resources and power outages are issues that business operators on the island deal with during the holiday time.

Koh Phangan is also suffering from similar equipment issues, according to Mr Rachaporn. The area also has issues with property ownership disputes and visitor health, he said, particularly during the Full Moon Party time.

According to Mr Ratchaporn, many business operators inKoh Samuiare still suffering from the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and are calling for lower interest rates and more credit.

They also urged the government to break down on illegal businesses, ramp up reasonable property equity initiatives, and address issues related to choice investments, he said.