Warning for makers of “Jurassic” film

Warning for makers of "Jurassic" film

Franchise asked to regard setting

Warning for makers of 'Jurassic' film
Jurassic World. ( File photo )

Phatcharavat Wongsuwan, the minister of natural resources and atmosphere, welcomed the anticipated capturing of Jurassic World 4 in South-sized national parks, but stressed that the production has not harm the environment.

” I’m delighted that Thailand’s national gardens were chosen to host a famous film festival.

” This not only spreads the expression about the value of the parks, but it also encourages commerce and generates revenue for populations,” remarked Pol Gen Phatcharavat.

He claimed that the ministry has given authorities instructions to impose rules to make sure the filming does n’t harm the environment and natural resources.

According to Pol Gen Phatcharavat, the film’s output must also be eco-friendly in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Phatcharavat: Production had never harm environment

The Department of Tourism has informed his agency that the film and video review committee has granted permission for the filming of Jurassic World 4 to take place from June 13 through July 16, according to Athapol Charoenshunsa, director general of the Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Plant Conservation ( DNP ).

Shooting places for the picture will be in Bangkok, Phangnga, Krabi, Phuket and Trang.

The arranging organization for the manufacturing, Peston Film Co Ltd, has requested permission to film the video in three regional gardens.

Sunset Beach is located in Hat Chao Mai National Park in Trang ( 5 days ), Huai To Waterfall in Khao Phanom Bencha National Park in Krabi ( 3 days ), and Khao Tapu, Koh Song Phi Nong, and Koh Nakaya in Ao Phang Nga National Park in Phangnga ( 5 days ).

A significant scene with big trees that resemble ancient woodland will feature the natural setting of Huai To Waterfall, making it a perfect location for the movie.

A harm deposit of two million baht and the required force costs have already been paid. The national park’s filming price is set at 3,500 ringgit per day.

The show’s content has been reviewed by the movie review commission.

Additionally, the authorities stated that during the entire shooting period, filming locations in the permitted regions must not be obstructed or blocked.

According to Mr. Athapol, measures will be taken to reduce noise pollution, tools, and other technical elements for health reasons, as well as to prevent harm to natural resources, the atmosphere, and wildlife.

The natural scenery may be kept alive, and filming may not get in the way of garden visitors, he added. National area leaders will be in charge of the shooting.

Mr. Athapol said the majority of the displays will be filmed in a workshop or using laptop graphics, downplaying concerns about the bush being damaged. The authorities were made aware of the use of accessories like synthetic rocks, and they were assured that character would remain unaffected.

We have learned from the 2000 shooting of The Beach at Maya Bay [released in 2000]. So, everything will be supervised completely, “he said.