War in Ukraine: Two Indian nationals recruited by Russia killed

War in Ukraine: Two Indian nationals recruited by Russia killed

In the continuous fight in Ukraine, India claims that two of its citizens who had been recruited by the Russian troops were killed.

The Indian Foreign Ministry stated that it had urged the Soviet government to return the body of the two victims.

Additionally, the government has urged Moscow to immediately discharge and transfer all Indian nationals who are serving in the Soviet troops.

Moscow is yet to reply.

Hundreds of Indians have apparently been duped by officials into battling for Russian troops using the trap of money and a Russian card. Some of them have had their conversations with the BBC.

Some claimed they were pressured into joining the Russian army in conflict.

Some have voluntarily enlisted.

The foreign government announced regrettably that two American citizens who had been recruited by the Russian Army had just been killed in the Russian-Ukraine issue, without naming the patients.

Indian nationals should exercise caution when looking for work in Russia, according to the department.

In May Indian police arrested four people allegedly linked to a network of human traffickers on suspicion of luring young men to Russia with the promise of jobs or education, only to force them to fight in Ukraine.

In earlier this year, at least two additional Indians perished while battling Soviet troops.

India has resisted condemning the Kremlin for its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, appealing to both countries to find harmony through dialogue and politics despite urging Russia to return American soldiers to the Russian military.

In recent months, Nepal and Sri Lanka have issued warnings to their citizens about being drawn to false claims made by human smugglers after it became clear that lots of their citizens were mercenaries.

At least 20 Nepalese have died fighting for Russia, according to Kathmandu.

So far in the issue, at least 16 original Sri Lankan soldiers have died, the majority of them for the Russian army.

According to the department, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry discussed the matter with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Monday in Moscow.

No more recruitment from Sri Lanka may be made, according to the government.