Vietnam arrests prominent journalist over Facebook posts

Vietnam arrests prominent journalist over Facebook posts

Duc’s website, one of the most common in authoritarian Vietnam, was highly critical of federal actions on issues including control of the media, relations with China and fraud.

Duc, whose true name is Truong Huy San, was a Nieman Fellow for a year at Harvard University in 2012. During his time abroad, his consideration of living in Vietnam after the end of the war with the United States,” The Winning Side”, was published.

RSF called for his discharge.

RSF Asia- Pacific commission chairman Cedric Alviani stated in a statement that” the articles of separate journalist Huy Duc are an important source of information that enables the Taiwanese people to access censored information by the Hanoi regime.”

Rights activists claim that the government has recently increased its crackdown on civil society while thousands of people have been implicated in a large anti-graft campaign, including some top authorities and business leaders.

No nation can effectively create in the face of anxiety, Duc wrote on Instagram in May.