Video of councillor calling out graft goes viral

Buy order for inexpensive, underpowered class servers that appear to be set up to avoid e-bidding

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Social media users have praised the picture of a provincial government associate exposing alleged corruption in the purchase of laptops for two schools.

The 10-minute movie received more than 2 million views in just a few days after it was posted on YouTube on Saturday night.

The unnamed provincial council member can be seen in the movie giving a council meeting address and disclosing information about alleged corruption involving the purchase of 21 school computers. He claims that the local president gave his blessing to the purchase of subpar computers for the schools, which cost a total of 462, 000 ringgit for each unit.

The council notes that the purchase price was purposefully kept below 500,000 ringgit in order to prevent an electronic buying process that would have required the governor to give up his decision-making power. The governor argued that his lack of experience in evaluating the bids served as justification for this.

The committee part responds by arguing that the president might have asked for help from qualified individuals. Additionally, he laments that the ultimate obtain order only included laptops with 8 gigabytes of memory rather than the necessary 32GB. He continues by saying that the requirements were from 2020 rather than the required 2022 requirements.

The council member calls the order rude to the government and exhorts his fellow council members to refuse to approve it. Additionally, he suggests raising the price limit for buying under 500, 000 baht.

Many people who commented on the video have praised the government person’s integrity while expressing concern for his safety. Social media users praised his commitment to the kids and his sense of obligation.