US raises concerns to Chinese officials about AI misuse

US raises concerns to Chinese officials about AI misuse

In their first formal bilateral discussions on the subject, US officials on Wednesday ( May 15 ) raised concerns about China’s “misuse” of artificial intelligence, according to the White House. The two superpowers are trying to avoid conflict over the rapidly expanding technology.

The US group also stressed to their Chinese rivals that “maintain open lines of communication on AI danger and security as an important part of properly managing competition” during the sessions in Geneva on Tuesday.

According to White House National Security Council spokesman Adrienne Watson,” The United States also raised problems over the use of AI, including by ( the People’s Republic of China ).”

Problems are mounting among US authorities about China’s access to AI systems, amid worries that it could be used by Beijing to destroy elections in other countries, create bioweapons and start cyberattacks.

China and Russia have already been pressed by the State Department to uphold US assertions that single people, and not artificial intelligence, would decide whether to use nuclear weapons.

According to Reuters ‘ Reuters report this month, the administration of President Joe Biden is gearing up to launch a new entry to protect US AI from China and Russia, with tentative plans to build guardrails around the most cutting-edge AI models, the heart of which are ChatGPT’s primary software, according to sources.

Last week, a bill that would ease the Biden administration’s decision to impose trade settings on AI designs was unveiled by a bipartisan group of US politicians. As they debating novel legal protections, a nonpartisan group of US legislators, including Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, demanded on Wednesday that the government’s funding of artificial intelligence increase.

The United States has taken steps to stop the supply of British AI cards and the tools necessary for their production in China. Additionally, the Biden administration proposed a law mandating US cloud companies to notify the government when overseas customers employ their services to teach potent AI models that could be used in cyberattacks.

China has a significant reliance on numerous open source designs created in the West, including the Meta Platforms” Llama” line, and a large number of cutting-edge American AI chips are entering China.