Updated Novavax COVID-19 vaccine available free under Singapore’s national vaccination programme

Updated Novavax COVID-19 vaccine available free under Singapore's national vaccination programme

SINGAPORE: The updated Novavax COVID- 19 jab is now available under Singapore’s national vaccination programme, the Ministry of Health ( MOH) said on Tuesday ( May 28 ). &nbsp,

Any participating common specialist facilities will offer the vaccination for free to those who qualify. &nbsp,

The Novavax/Nuvaxovid XBB. Following acceptance by the Health Sciences Authority, the Expert Committee on Immunization recommended the use of the 1.5 COVID-19 vaccine in Singapore.

Novavax was reportedly requesting regulatory approval for its updated COVID-19 vaccination, according to MOH in November of last year.

It is an alternative for those aged 12 years and below, under prevailing COVID- 19 vaccine tips. &nbsp,

The Novavax/Nuvaxovid XBB is suggested for those who are unable to get the COVID-19 transcriptional vaccine. 1.5 vaccine ( a proteins subunit vaccine ), except those who were diagnosed with myocarditis/pericarditis after a prior dose of an mRNA vaccine”, said MOH. &nbsp,

Pfizer- BioNTech and Moderna’s updated COVID- 19 vaccinations are transcriptional vaccines.

Since Jan 1st, the national immunization program has discontinued the earlier version of the Novavax/Nuvaxovid immunization, which was based on the original COVID-19 stress.

The Health Ministry claimed that this was the time the manufacturer’s last native investment ran out of vaccines. &nbsp,

The Health Appointment System is recommended for the people to schedule their COVID- 19 immunization visits. They may search for their closest GP doctor online. &nbsp,

” We urge individuals to keep up to date with their COVID- 19 immunisation. The COVID-19 vaccine should be given to those who are most vulnerable to severe illness, including those over the age of 60, medically fragile people, and those who reside in older care facilities, according to MOH, about one year ( and not earlier than five months ) after the last dose is given.

The Health Ministry further stated that all people who have been vaccinated for six months and older are encouraged to also receive an additional dosage of the COVID- 19 vaccination for 2024.