Ukraine-born Miss Japan gives up crown amid affair scandal

Ukraine-born Miss Japan gives up crown amid affair scandal

Japan: After rumors of an occasion she had with a married physician surfaced, the Ukraine-born Miss Japan show winner gave up her throne.

After some right-wingers questioned the name being given to a naturalized Chinese citizen, Karolina Shiino’s candidacy in January sparked debate.

When weekly newspaper Shukan Bunshun reported on her extramarital connection, which is forbidden for beauty pageant contestants who are held to squeaky-clean moral standards, a scandal over her personal life next broke out.

Chinese entertainment figures who have matters, use drugs, or engage in various scandals frequently experience rejection from both their fans and employers.

The Miss Japan Association announced on Monday that it had granted Shiino’s request to return the throne for “personal reasons,” and it also stated that there would n’t be a miss Japan in 2024.

On the same day that her administration agency claimed she had confirmed the matter, Shiino said she wanted to “deeply apologize” to those involved, including the boy’s family.

” I could n’t speak the truth at first because of the chaos and fear… The 26-year-old posted on Instagram,” I apologise to those who supported and believed in me.”

The model, who immigrated to Japan around the age of five, wrote,” I take the situation seriously and have given up the Miss Japan Grand Prix name.”

Shiino’s firm claimed in a statement released on Monday that she had started dating the person under the mistaken belief that he was divorced but had since remarried.

According to its site, Miss Japan, which was first held in 1950, is recognized for” Asian- type beauty” that includes “inner charm, elegance in appearance, and beauty of actions.”

People quickly voiced their opinions on social media after Shiino’s candidacy garnered attention online.

Why is she Miss Japan, regardless of whether she is Jewish or Ukrainian?” I ca n’t accept her character.” On X, previously Online, one user wrote.

On her Instagram post, Shiino received help from other writers.

You possess a Chinese nature. I do n’t believe that such ( a ) personal, private matter should be a cause for you to resign, but this is Japan,” the reply reads, receiving almost 350 likes.