Two “yakuza” caught in Laos

Two "yakuza" caught in Laos

Two 'yakuza' caught in Laos
Two Chinese and one Thai suspects in the killing and dismemberment of Kabashima Ryosuke have been identified in police’s images and names. From left: Kato Takuya, Suzuki Hiroto and Kritsakorn Jaiphitak. ( Police photo )

Two Chinese men who have ties to the gang, who are excellent defendants in the murder and mutilation of their countryman whose remains were discovered in Nonthaburi state in April, were apprehended in Laos on Thursday.

Local government detained Kato Takuya, 50, and Suzuki Hiroto, 33, and they were being turned over to the Provincial Police Bureau 1, who was in Vientiane. Next week is the defendants ‘ scheduled arrival in Thailand.

In Nonthaburi in April, the two gentlemen were charged with killing and dismembering Kabashima Ryosuke, 47.

The system parts from the Bang Bua Thong district’s tambon Phimolrat were discovered in various places. On April 19, the second case containing skeletal remains was discovered. Four days later, the brain was found in a different location.

A 30-year-old Thai person, identified as Kritsakorn Jaiphitak, was previously detained because he had been hired by the three Japanese people to be a car at the time of the shooting.

Mr. Hiroto and Mr. Takuya sat next to him in the back seats, according to Mr. Kritsakorn, who called the police.

He was unsure of what they had been discussing, but he could tell that the three had a feud while he was driving.

They instructed him to travel to a Nonthaburi inventory in Bang Bua Thong.

When the vehicle reached its destination, the two gentlemen told him to leave the vehicle, which he did, taking a smoking crack. He informed the police that the two gentlemen were arguing inside the vehicle. He afterwards heard a gun.

Rushing to the picture, he saw Ryosuke’s body on the ground with blood pouring from his brain.

He claimed that Mr. Hiroto and Mr. Takuya dismembered the body in the stock and then returned the vehicle with bags of dark cheap. He claimed that he received a command to dispose of the bags in numerous places in the Bang Bua Thong neighborhood.

According to Bang Bua Thong Police, Mr. Kritsakorn is accused of colluding to conceal a figure. Based on tattoo artwork on the dying man’s side, a background search revealed that the two suspects were gang.