Two foreign yoga teachers arrested in Koh Phangan

Two foreign yoga teachers arrested in Koh Phangan

According to authorities, the trio had no work permits, which resulted in a B9, 000 headlong fine.

Two foreign yoga teachers arrested in Koh Phangan
Somphet Daoheuang, 37, a German national, is shown training individuals in a” Shaolin experience” training at a house on Koh Phangan on Friday. ( Photo supplied/Assawin Pakkawan )

Sola THANI: Two foreign nationals have been detained for working without permits while teaching at a well-known yoga school on Koh Phangan.

A group of nearby, tourist, immigration, and local officials made a visit to a home on the tourist area on Friday in response to a complaint about the Samma Karuna Facebook page’s promotion of a” Shaolin experience” program.

When they arrived, they found some foreigners practising Foreign- type exercises at the home with a person identified after as Somphet, who held European nationality, teaching them.

Somphet Daoheuang, 37, was arrested, along with a French person identified as Arbely Natalie Rubalcava Rojo, 34, authorities said on Saturday.

During doubting, Mr Somphet admitted being a consultant for the Shaolin knowledge program, which charged individuals 9, 000 ringgit each. It is just one of the many programs that Samma Karuna offers that claims to be” an enlightenment and healing school” catering to a primarily foreign clients.

Mr. Somphet claimed to have received 60 % of the training fee from Samma Karuna, or 5,400 ringgit per head, while the company had received the remainder.

He and the American woman were taken into custody by police for more legal action.

At the Koh Phangan police depot, two foreign citizens are seen working without permits. ( Photo supplied/Assawin Pakkawan )