Two construction workers dead in separate workplace accidents at LTA worksites

Two construction workers dead in separate workplace accidents at LTA worksites

The following incident happened at a North-South Corridor workplace along Cavenagh Road at around 10.45 am on September 16.

A gas cylinder palette that toppled while being lifted struck a 41-year-old Bengali worker, according to MOM. He was taken to the hospital, where he passed away from his wounds. & nbsp,

The project’s creator is LTA, and Leighton-Yongnam Joint Venture is the company that occupies the worksite. & nbsp, Royale Construction is the employer of the deceased employee.

While investigations are ongoing, MOM has halted lifting activities at the workplace.

LTA stated that no one else was hurt in the event and that we are saddened by the injury and are working with our company to help the deceased’s home.

Following the incident, all operate actions at North-South Corridor workplace operated by Leighton-Yongnam Joint Venture were halted.

The officers and MOM are receiving assistance from Leighton – Yongnam Joint Venture and LTA in their studies.

As a basic safety precaution, care must be taken to avoid tying up any other structures with any portion of slifted loads, according to MOM.

At the LTA Safety, Health, and Environmental Award Convention on Tuesday night, acting transport secretary Chee Hong Tat stated that workplace accidents have increased this time.

In contrast to the 27 injuries that occurred during the same time last month, there have been 33 incidents in the first eight months of 2023. He expressed his sadness over the two new fatalities.

He continued,” We may have passed the heightened security time, but we must maintain our vigilance and improve our health procedures.”