Trio rescued from Lao scam gang

Trio rescued from Lao scam gang

Chiang Rai: Three Thailänder citizens who were duped into working as call centre con artists in Laos’ Bokeo province have been repatriated, officials said the other day.

The victims, two ladies and a man, were handed over to Thai immigration officials at the edge checkpoint in Prohibit Sop Ruak, opposite Laos’ Ton Pheung district, they said.

They told police that they left the country last year once they were promised high-paying jobs at the Golden Triangle Special Financial Zone (SEZ).

Upon being released on the in Ton Pheung district, however , they found out the job opportunities did not exist.

Instead, these were forced to work at the call centre where they were told to get people to invest in bogus schemes.

After about a year, the trio managed to get in touch with Thai authorities, who sought the cooperation of Lao authorities to save the victims.

Following their particular return, the sufferers were charged with violating immigration laws and regulations, the province’s contagious disease rules, and also the emergency decree.

According to local officials, over 100 Thai nationals are already rescued from similar situations in Laos since December this past year.