Traffic police “must try harder” for new school semester

Traffic police "must try harder" for new school semester

Traffic police 'must try harder' for new school semester
In Bangkok, individuals leave their vehicles on their way to school last November. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

Prior to the start of the new school year, acting federal police chief Pol Gen Kitrat Phanphet has directed visitors officers to ensure safe and efficient traffic stream and security in class locations across the country.

Officers who do n’t help with efficient traffic will be moved or discharged, according to Pol Gen Kitrat on Monday.

He claimed that the decision to integrate with each college to ensure security was brought on by the fact that the second trimester of the 2024 academic year is about to begin.

One of the main causes of traffic congestion is the presence of numerous improperly parked cars waiting to pick up students near the universities.

According to Pol Gen Kitrat, he has mandated supervisors in charge of each area to handle issues as quickly as possible, particularly with regard to some scoundrel officials who are suspected of being members of the “road mafia.” &nbsp, &nbsp,

He will make random inspection stops in various locations, noting that officers who disobey his orders may be moved to another corridor or expelled.

However, a study of Thai families regarding the 2024 scientific year revealed that parents of students are about to pay higher tuition costs despite having lower incomes.

Families in Bangkok, excluding those with children attending international institutions, were reported to have paid a total of 29 billion ringgit for the first quarter of 2024. The number increased by 2.3 % from last year.

Also, in response to the upcoming school opening, the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) warned on Monday&nbsp, that fancy- looking confectionery is widely available near schools or on online platforms. These special replicas, which were smuggled into the country, perhaps contain harmful ingredients and pose a choking hazard.