Tour boat crash set to be probed

Tour boat crash set to be probed

Tour boat crash set to be probed
After a visit ship crashed near the pier on Thursday evening, officials from the Marine Department assist passengers getting off a boat at Tha Tien Pier on Friday. ( Photo: Apichart Jinakul )

The Transport Ministry has ordered a probe into a boat crash late on Thursday evening near Tha Tien Pier, in which four Chinese visitors were hurt.

A long-tailed excursion ship collided with a Royal Thai Navy (RTN) bridge at around 4pm, according to assistant transport secretary Manaporn Charoensri, who said the Marine Department had been informed.

The trip boat’s four Chinese passengers, one man and three female, were the cause of the collision and fell into the river.

The customers were saved, but they had some minor injuries.

They were taken for treatment to Hua Chiew Hospital in the Pomprap Sattruphai city.

The journey boat sank after the crash, while the RTN boat was significantly damaged. At the time of the affair, two naval commanders were on the boat.

The journey boat’s landlord agreed to pay full price for the damage.

Ms. Manaporn claimed that the Marine Department had been given the order to contact the tour boat owner to offer support and maintenance for the four people.

Additionally, the company has been given the task of looking into the incident to determine its origin.

If the motion is found to had occurred due to the tour boat manager’s crime or inexperience, their operating licence may be suspended, said Ms Manaporn.

In addition, many companies have been ordered to create measures to ensure safety and comfort for boat passengers, she said.

The Marine Department has determined that the visit ship’s license was set to expire on February 8 of next year, according to Ms. Manaporn.

However, the skipper of the vessel, Techasit Jakkarinsukjaroen, has a license for a subsequent- school helmsman of power- driven river vessels. That document will disappear on March 19, 2028.