Tokyo governor election race kicks off with all eyes on 2 powerful female candidates


As for the other candidates, generally come from tiny social groups led by livestreamers. Dr Tomohiko said they will include “very little” impact on the political environment.

After three people were detained for disorderly conduct on battle trails, they had recently received national attention in lower house elections.

” It’s one of the best possibilities for you to promote your company reputation, to promote your brand. That’s one of the causes why those unknown unhappy, unknown- of candidates are emerging, with the exception of a few that have nationwide recognition”, Dr Tomohiko added.

” So it comes down to a competition between Ms. Koike and Ms. Renho as individuals.”

Another major member is Mr Toshio Tamogami, 75, former chief of staff of the region’s Air Self Defence Force.

Considered by opponents as an extra- centrist, he has vowed to move up crisis mitigation, focus on education and create a Japan separate of United States influence.

The vote has evolved into the state’s most competitive contest ever. Whoever wins on Jul 7 will have to address the city’s sliding reproduction price, its ageing population, and rising costs of living.

Ms. Koike’s victory is commonly anticipated for the time being, with the ruling LDP, led by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, expected to be in her favor.

But, spectators cautioned that it is still to be seen if the scandal-hit party’s support does really work against her.