Thieves strip 17 railway crossings in Songkhla

Thieves strip 17 railway crossings in Songkhla

Thieves strip 17 railway crossings in Songkhla
A damaged barrier finger at one of Songkhla province’s three districts where health products was stolen and damaged. ( Photo: Assawin Pakkawan )

SONGKHLA: Bandits have stolen sign poles, challenge arms and other products from 17 railroad crossings in three districts of this southwestern state, endangering the lives of passengers, pedestrians and motorists, a top rail national said.

The thieves had struck in Khuan Niang, Hat Yai and Sadao districts, especially along the Outfit Yai- Padang Besar course in Sadao area, stealing products from 9 of the 10 crossings.

Prachaniwat Buasri, head of the State Railway of Thailand’s southwestern border provinces activity heart, said on Wednesday crossings in three sub- districts on the Padang Besar way were the hardest hit&nbsp,- in&nbsp, tambon Ban Phru, tambon Ban Rai and tambon Phatong. &nbsp,

Barriers, light signal poles, train warning signposts, batteries, wiring, cables and other parts were stolen at 17 railway crossings. He claimed that the loss was estimated at tens of millions of baht.

Particularly concerning was the theft of several crossings after repairs were finished.

People frequently blame the SRT for problems caused by barriers at railroad crossings, he said. In fact, he said, the problems were typically brought on by external factors, such as the theft of parts, which also resulted in delays in repairs.

The damage caused by theft was more substantial than the value of the stolen components. He claimed that there was no real value in putting a value on an accident’s loss of life or property. &nbsp,

In order to help locate those responsible for the thefts, the SRT had recently met with local administrators in Bang Phru, Ban Rai, and Phatong and asked for their assistance in preventing the equipment from being stolen from railroad crossings.

Metal parts and other tools were taken and the barrier arm was harmed at this railroad crossing , . ( Photo: Assawin Pakkawan )

A railway official announces that the safety barrier had been damaged and other equipment and parts had been taken by hanging a sign on a signal light at a railroad crossing in Songkhla. ( Photo: Assawin Pakkawan )