The ‘duped’ Sri Lankans fighting in Russia’s Ukraine war

The 'duped' Sri Lankans fighting in Russia's Ukraine war

COLOMBO: When Sri Lanka’s market crashed in 2022, individuals sought work overseas wherever they could get it – including ex- soldiers who joined forces fighting in Ukraine after Russia’s war.

The veterans are now eager to return home after some of them have traded their existence savings for what they perceive to be attractive, non-combat jobs.

” What we ask is to help take back our men”, said Renuka Karunaratne, 49, who said her father was duped into going to Russia by a crafty broker.

At least 2, 000 battle-tough Sri Lankans apparently enlisted on both flanks of the Ukraine conflict, including in the regular military forces and selfish groups, according to Colombo’s congress next month.

With no conversation in weeks and studies of at least 16 Sri Lankans being killed and 37 being injured, distraught communities are pleading with lawmakers for assistance.

Around a hundred Sri Lankans are being held prisoner of war in Ukraine, according to the state, after being frightened it to operate.

Advertisements from retired military personnel ‘ WhatsApp groups promised monthly salaries of more than US$$ 2,100, which is 13 times the average salary in Sri Lanka.

In Russia, promises were likewise made regarding plots of land where foreign fighters and their families may negotiate.

Karunaratne claimed that she and her father paid an career representative US$ 10,000 to obtain the position.

She said last week as she demonstrated outside the Russian ambassador in Colombo that she had sold anything, including jewelry.

” We also have taken out a mortgage on some of our home.”