The 10 best Chinese New Year pineapple tart brands to try in 2024

The 10 best Chinese New Year pineapple tart brands to try in 2024

Since the pre-COVID days, prices of goods have skyrocketed, and the 9 % Tax adds to the burden on our wallets. Times have changed. Chinese New Year’s ( CNY ) treats like cookies and pastries have never been inexpensive, but they are now more expensive than ever.

Pineapple pies are a well-liked CNY meal that is oh so delectable but also very expensive. This is due to the fact that making the jam from scratch requires grating hard pineapples, which makes it extremely labor-intensive.

Finding out which fruit pastries are truly worth your money is something we think is worthwhile. So, over the course of eight days, we methodically purchased 30 different pineapple tart brands. department of Sg on the campus of Mediacorp.

We then munched our approach through the top 10 brands andnbsp that we would spend money on. It’s a difficult task, but someone has to complete it, best?

Significant statement: We bought each of these companies on our own and have no affiliation with any of them. Therefore, each fruit tart has a place of its own.


It would be impossible to try this CNY address in every variation given that there are simply more than 100 brands selling fruit tarts in Singapore. Therefore, we have decided on 30 companies, which is still a decently large selection.

First and foremost, we chose to include the majority of these businesses based on how easily accessible and well-known they were after 8 days. Readers, gs.

These F&amp, B brands do n’t require you to sacrifice 10 goats or your firstborn in order to purchase them. The pineapple tarts can be purchased either physically at stores like bakeries and pop-up CNY fairs ( like Takashimaya’s atrium fair ), or online ( the most well-liked and practical method these days ).

We also conducted an open call for our readers to suggest their favorite brands, and some of the information we received from you was added to our list to ensure that we did n’t miss any potential gems.

We excluded fruit tarts from resorts, charities, and home-based businesses to ensure that we judge each one pretty. We want to compare them as uniformly as we can because their home procedures are typically quite different from those of CNY goodies specialists.

Just the traditional fruit dessert was chosen for this taste test in order to further ensure consistency. Therefore, if offered one, almost everyone will have it—no ka or other outré flavors—just the good ol ‘ traditional crowd favorite.

We also purchased the open-faced pineapple dessert that many people are comfortable with as much as we could. However, we did include buzzy brands that do n’t offer the open-faced variety in closed tarts.