Thais clamour to study in New Zealand despite high cost of living

Thais clamour to study in New Zealand despite high cost of living

Thais clamour to study in New Zealand despite high cost of living
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With Thailand emerging as the coastal world’s fifth-largest source of international students, the number of Thai kids choosing New Zealand for their secondary or tertiary knowledge is expected to rise.

Since 2021, New Zealand’s territories were reopened following the Covid- 19 lockdowns, the number of students choosing it has grown.

Last year, there were 2, 241 Thai secondary and tertiary individuals studying in the country, according to the New Zealand ambassador.

Ong- Arts Namwong, who spent five years studying at Massey University in Palmerston North, claimed he enjoyed his time that because of all the hands-on studies that he had to frequently conduct in the field. ” New Zealand takes good care of its kids”, he said.

Mr. Ong- Art claimed to have had the opportunity to interact with numerous New Zealanders and individuals from nations as much afield as Africa, Egypt, China, and Vietnam.

It’s a great opportunity to network with individuals from all over the world. It opened my eyes, and I learned about fresh languages and cultures”, he said.

Being among Kiwi and foreign students, according to Mr. Ong-Art, even contributed to his study. It was beneficial to be able to impart ideas with students so that we could get diverse viewpoints.

But, he said a drawback was the high cost of living. Students who want to study in New Zealand must be aware of the costs because the prices are high.

Jonathan Kings, the New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, said some Thai students choose New Zealand for its “world- group knowledge”.

He claimed that the wide range of classes offered to Thai individuals was also appealing. ” We sell on the basis of the power of our scientific requirements”, said Mr Kings.

Thai students enroll in a number of institutions in New Zealand, he said, adding that they are free to select one that best fits their chosen field of study.

Through the comments he had received, Mr Kings said New Zealand’s clear image pertains to Indian students. They prefer New Zealand for its tranquility and outdoor life.

The government’s eight institutions position in the world leading 3 % of 1, 500 institutions in the 2024 QS World University Rankings. Through the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship Program, New Zealand has supported 31 Thai researchers since 2016.