Thailand”s Election Commission validates senators-elect

Thailand's Election Commission validates senators-elect
After hearing that her party had won the Senate election’s first round on June 9, a candidate for the Senate flies to a polling station in Bangkok’s Bang Kapi city. ( Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb)

In a substitute listing, the Election Commission validated 200 senators-elect candidates and 99 other prospects on Wednesday.

At 9 a.m., the committee held a meeting to discuss the confirmation. The closed-door meet ended at 2.30pm.

According to a cause, the meeting approved a list of 99 additional prospects as potential replacements and approved the election of 200.

Election commission had oppose the validation earlier in response to many complaints about the rules and republic elections. Many individuals did not vote for themselves despite having the opportunity to do so, according to critics, and some senators-elect appeared to have ties to some political party.

Next week, the EC was supposed to confirm Senate election results, but it failed, claiming it was taking issues into account.

The three-stage Senate vote was concluded on June 26 when 2, 989 individuals entered the national-level vote, during which they voted for their favorite prospects in Nonthaburi state.

The new Senate will have 200 representatives from 20 different industries, replacing the 250 defense junta-appointed lawmakers whose terms ended on May 10 and had already expired.

Unlike their predecessors, new lawmakers will not be empowered to appoint a prime minister. They will continue to participate in the act of regulations and the law as well as the passage of legislation. Additionally, lawmakers may appoint people of independent organizations and evaluate the performance of the executive branch.

In a press conference on Wednesday night, EC Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee stated that the election was impartial and that the EC had made the decision to confirm the results as soon as possible so that the fresh Senate may commence operations.

Senators-elect may obtain written credentials at the legislature on Thursday and Friday, he said.