Thai ex-PM Thaksin had surgery last week, daughter says

Thai ex-PM Thaksin had surgery last week, daughter says

BANGKOK: Thaksin Shinawatra, a former prime minister of Thailand who was imprisoned, underwent surgery last week, according to his daughter on Tuesday( Sept 19 ).

The 74-year-old tycoon was overthrown in a military takeover in 2006 and spent more than 15 times in self-imposed exile before returning to the country last month and being imprisoned upon arrival.

Due to his deteriorating health, he was quickly transferred to a private room at the police medical. Earlier this month, the king reduced his eight-year word to just one year.

Without disclosing the specifics of the procedure, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, his daughter, said to writers,” My father had surgery last year, and I don’t understand how long it will take him to return.”

In Thailand, rumors of a backdoor offer to commute Thaksin’s sentence for corruption and abusing power beliefs have been rife.

This has been fueled by the fact that he returned to Thailand on the same day that his Pheu Thai party and other pro-military events came to power.

Leading Pheu Thai find Paetongtarn claimed that the family was” studying” how to apply for probation due to her father’s ill health.

” We are researching the laws to see what can be done to allow him to remain at home. However, we haven’t already submitted an application, she said.

An old inmate with health issues may request parole after serving at least six months in prison, according to the Department of Corrections.

Thaksin would then be qualified for probation in February as a result.

When questioned about his health, Paetongtarn replied,” There are good and bad days.”

According to prison officials, Thaksin had stomach pains, high blood pressure, and lower blood oxygen when he was taken to the authorities hospital.