Thai beggars target Malaysia”s Kelantan during Ramadan

Thai beggars target Malaysia"s Kelantan during Ramadan

Thai beggars target Malaysia's Kelantan during Ramadan
Between Tak Bai in Narathiwat and Kelantan status in Malaysia, a boat ship crosses the Kolok River. ( Bangkok Post file photo )

During the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, Thai nationals are among the international beggars found in Malaysia’s Kelantan status, according to a Malaysian state standard.

Said Sudip, the Kelantan Social Welfare Department chairman, said more orphans than actually were found in the state, which edges Thailand, during this year’s fesival. In this day and age, many had crossed the Thai border and were present to benefit from the women’s traditional compassion.

” Every year, during the month of Ramadan there is a trend in such activities with a significant increase in the number of orphans, both native and imported, particularly from Thailand”, he said, the Bernama news agency reported on Monday.

Kelantan is located in northeastern Malaysia and borders Narathiwat county, where the two nations ‘ key border crossing points are Sungai Kolok and Tak Bai gates, which are separated by the Kolok River.

The Malaysian standard said a man was total more than 300 ringgit (2, 300 ringgit ) a day during the sleeping quarter, citing data collected by his office.

Ramadan began on March 11 and ends this year’s April 10th.