Thai Airways CEO promises quick fix on defective seats

Thai Airways CEO promises quick fix on defective seats

Spare parts are in short supply because various airlines experience the same issue.

Thai Airways CEO promises quick fix on defective seats
Chai Eamsiri, who has been appointed Thai Airways International’s CEO, speaks at a press event on February 9, 2023. ( Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb)

Chai Eamsiri, the CEO of Thai Airways International, claimed a fast fix for the issue that had irked some buyers was due to a parts lack.

In response to complaints from people using its aircraft, Mr. Chai told investigators on Friday that the federal carrier was no sat quietly by itself.

He continued, noting that some incorrect seats have been fixed, but others are waiting for replacement parts, which are in great demand from manufacturers because different airlines have discovered the same issue.

According to the CEO, the flag carrier has found inaccurate seats in four of its Boeing 777-200ER planes and four of its Airbus A350 plane.

He claimed that one of the measures being used to address the issue was to consign aircraft with difficult seats to low-traffic routes and to prevent those seats from being sold.

The A350 has seating for other airlines, not just THAI. The exact type of furniture is used by various airlines. According to him, “every flight wants give parts at the same time,” he was quoted as saying on the @ThaiPBS X accounts.

His reply was Treerat Sirinchantaropas’s CEO of New Energy Plus Solutions’s initial public justification since April 28 when he complained about his business school seats in a Facebook information. Additionally, he claimed, one of his business customers ‘ seats sat in reclined style.

He claimed that a floor staff member had informed him of the fault as he approached the plane and offered to pay him in exchange for keeping the issue to himself by sending him 5, 500 ringgit in an box.

Mr. Treerat, a former Pheu Thai and therefore Thai Sang Thai parties, turned down the offer, made the offer public, pledged to sue the airline, and asked the House Transportation Committee to investigate any deficiencies in the entire Vietnamese fleet.

THAI uses the A350 plane on the Bangkok- Beijing course.

Because he was a devoted THAI consumer and wanted to see it improved and restored to its former glory, Mr. Treerat claimed he went people with great intentions.

His objection was echoed by some other tourists.

On board TG668 from Bangkok to Guangzhou on April 30th, a customer claimed to learn that her business class seats could not be changed. In exchange for her silence, a staff member also gave her an envelope containing$ 5,000 in cash, according to Mr. Treerat’s post that day.

The airport deploys the Boeing 777- 200 on the Bangkok- Guangzhou way.

Thailand reported a 2.43 billion baht first-quarter unified net profit, an 80.7 % decrease from the 12.5 billion figure from the previous quarter. Revenue rose 10.7 % but expenses rose 22.5 % in the period, it said.