Teachers get power to seize e-cigarettes

Teachers get power to seize e-cigarettes
In the Bang Kapi city, there is a no-smoking sign up entrance of Banbangkapi School. ( Bangkok Post report image: Varut Hirunyatheb)

To give teachers across the nation the whole legal right to seize e-cigarettes in schools, the Education Ministry has joined forces with the Commerce Ministry.

Thee&nbsp, Pawangkanan, assistant secretary- standard of the Office of the Basic Education Commission ( Obec) said the present e- smoke, baraku, and e- baraku situation among children and teenagers is troubling as students continue to bring these items to school.

Smoking electronic- smoking is harmful to their health, intellectual and emotional growth, he said.

He said although Obec works closely with authorities in protection and security, such as by raiding electronic- cigar stores near schools, it is still unable to solve the problem properly. Because they do n’t have the right to seize the item when they see students or parents visiting schools with e-cigarettes, they do so. They must request officers assistance with the spasms.

Therefore, the Education Ministry and the Commerce Ministry now have the authority to seize e-cigarettes and barakus found in schools because they violate Section 17 of the Export and Import of Goods Act ( 1979 ) together.

According to Mr. Thee, this is a proactive e-cigarette suppression measure in schools, adding that teachers wo n’t have to do more work because it is their responsibility to look after students and protect them in any way.

The government of Bangkok Chadchart Sittipunt recently directed the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to make all school operations e-cigarette completely.

He gave the institutions complete authority to check individuals ‘ carriers and seize e-cigarettes, as well as to have experts educate them about the health risks associated with smoking products.