Talk show faces ethics scrutiny

Talk show faces ethics scrutiny

Talk show faces ethics scrutiny
Kanchai” Noom” Kamnerdploy

In accordance with a NBTC ( National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission ) order, Channel 3 does not heat the Hon Krasae speak show on June 7. It will also have content screen.

In the order sent to BEC Multimedia, which operates Channel 3, the NBTC instructed the company to suspend the popular talk show hosted byKanchai” Noom” Kamnerdployfor one day to ensure its content complies with media ethics.

The NBTC stated in its ruling that the business could file an appeal with the Administrative Court in 90 days, but Kanchai claims that the Hon Krasae [Catching the Trend ] program will stop airing on June 7th.

The talk show, as its name suggests, discusses issues that catch public attention. It debuted on June 5, 2017, thanks to Kanchai’s business and Channel 3’s news team. The regulator’s investigation of three episodes, which were found to be in violation of broadcasting rules that require content to uphold media ethics, led to the suspension order.

The regulator claimed that the content in the contentious episodes was known to incite hatred, divisions, and conflict and was deemed to violate other people’s rights. Additionally, the talk show guests insulted and verbally abused others.

Kanchai claimed in an interview that his team was willing to comply with the suspension order because it involved inappropriate content in some of the episodes that aired last year. He claimed that to halt inappropriate remarks and prevent offenses from occurring again, special equipment would be used to defer signals.

Asked why he picked June 7, he said:” We’ve a programme to air that day. It is called Hon Krapong, to be hosted by me and Pong Kapol”, he said.