Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai joins cast of The Little Nyonya spinoff, Emerald Hill

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai joins cast of The Little Nyonya spinoff, Emerald Hill

The success of upcoming hit Emerald Hill, the prequel to 2008’s mega-hit drama The Little Nyonya, appears to be Mediacorp going above and beyond. &nbsp,

The Peranakan-themed television set also features Tasha Low, Tyler Ten, Zhang Zetong, and Chantalle Ng. Also on the show are Zoe Tay, Jesseca Liu, and Shaun Chen, the winner of the 2015 Star Awards Best Artist category.

Little Nyonya Jeanette Well, the OG, may even make a memorable return appearance as Yuenniang.

And then Emerald Hill’s celebrity power has only risen once more. &nbsp,

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai will join the Emerald Hill cast on Thursday ( May 16 ). &nbsp,

He did playing Zhang Jin He, the father of Jesseca Liu’s figure. &nbsp,

Xiu’s personality is also the next child of Zoe Tay’s personality, the family’s matriarch, which makes the 41- year- older the brother of Shaun Chen, Romeo Tan and Sheila Sim, as well as the father of Tasha Low, who is set to play the fresh Little Nyonya, Zhang Xin Niang.

This will be Xiu’s second occasion acting in a Taiwanese production. Before joining the rest of the solid who started filming this month, he may be flying over in June for fitting. &nbsp,

After appearing in the Japanese crisis Friends, Xiu Jie Kai made his comedic debut in 2003. His popularity grew thanks to his roles in dramas Mars ( 2005 ), Black &amp, White ( 2008 ) and K. O. 3an Guo ( 2009 ). &nbsp,

He is also the father of Japanese actress Alyssa Chia, with whom he has two girls nicknamed Bubu, eight, and Bobo, six.

Xiu is even uncle to Angelina, 18, Alyssa Chia’s child with her ex- husband, Foreign entrepreneur Sun Zhihao.

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