Taiwan swears in new president as China pressure grows

Taiwan swears in new president as China pressure grows


With only 12 friends, Taipei lacks political reputation on the planet level.

But it has its own state, martial and money, and the majority of the 23 million people see themselves as having a different Chinese identity, separate from the Chinese.

Following in Tsai’s feet, Lai is expected to boost military spending and strengthen ties with political institutions, particularly Washington, Taiwan’s essential companion and arms supplier.

Beijing has huge threatened to use force, especially if Taiwan declares its democracy, with Xi furthering its assertion that “unification” is “inevitable.”

Back of Lai’s opening, Beijing’s Taiwan Affairs Office, which handles traverse- sea problems, called” Taiwan freedom and peace in the sea… like water and fire”.

Chinese naval and air force personnel patrol the area almost daily, keeping a close-knit community.

Beijing suspended high-level connections with China in 2016, when Lai became president, but researchers say those efforts are likely to be rebuffed.

Due to a fight that broke out Friday between politicians from all three functions, which the DPP has lost its majority in Taipei’s legislature, which could make it hard for Lai to force through his plans.

Many Taiwanese are more concerned about rising housing costs, rising living costs, and stagnant wages than about the threat of conflict.

As he took a photo of the Presidential Office, Jay, a 20-year-old student who only gave his first name, said,” If war broke out there would be little I could do.

” So I will just go with the flow”.