Taiwan says China is ‘nibbling away’ at its space, trying to create a new normal

Taiwan says China is 'nibbling away' at its space, trying to create a new normal

Lin cited additional initiatives China has been taking, such as sending coast guard ships to Taiwan’s west coast during the exercises last week and opening new air routes close to Taiwan-controlled islands next to the Taiwanese coast.

He claimed that” the Chinese communists are reviving the status quo.” ” They are creating a new normal, pressing on at every stage, trying to nibble away and annex (us )”.

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, at its daily news conference on Wednesday, reiterated its list of complaints about Lai being a dangerous admirer of Taiwan’s proper democracy, and threatened continued Chinese military action.

Lai has consistently offered deals with China but been rebuffed, and says that Taiwan’s persons can choose their potential.

Taiwan is viewed as a purely domestic issue, according to China.

Lin said security was a subject for anyone.

” The mix- strait problem is not only about the sea, it’s a local, or even international matter”, he added.

Taiwan, according to the Taipei authorities, is already the Republic of China, an independent nation. After losing a civil conflict with Mao Zedong’s Communists, who established the People’s Republic of China, the Democratic state emigrated to Taiwan in 1949.