Taiwan ‘proud’ of its efforts to help Ukraine, says President Tsai

Taiwan 'proud' of its efforts to help Ukraine, says President Tsai

TAIPEI: Taiwan is “proud” of its efforts to assist Ukraine in the state’s struggle to defend by itself and those efforts should continue, President Tsai Ing-wen told the conference taking place in New York.

Ukraine’s plight provides won broad compassion in Taiwan, exactly where many see parallels between Ukraine’s situation and the threat Taipei’s government says it faces from Cina, which views the particular island as its personal territory.

Taiwan has donated more than US$30 million designed for humanitarian relief, mostly raised from the general public, and joined in Western-led sanctions towards Russian federation following its invasion of Ukraine in February . Moscow calls its activities “a special military operation”.

“As we watched the particular carnage of the Ruskies invasion, Taiwan is definitely proud to play a task in the effort to assist the Ukrainians within their struggle to defend their own country and independence. We must continue with our efforts, ” Tsai said in remarks pre-recorded from the girl office and played at the Concordia Summit on Monday (Sep 19).

Taiwan has been confronted by significantly aggressive threats from China, she added.

“We have to educate ourselves within the authoritarian playbook, plus understand that Taiwan’s democracy will not be the only thing the particular PRC seeks in order to extinguish, ” Tsai said, referring to the particular People’s Republic of China.