Taiwan-China tensions ratchet up week before presidential inauguration

Taiwan-China tensions ratchet up week before presidential inauguration

Taiwan reported that as tensions rise a week before a new Taiwanese president is elected, Chinese forces were conducting another” combat patrol” close to the island on Tuesday ( May 14), including sending aircraft across the Taiwan Strait’s delicate median line.

China’s martial has tremendously increased its activities in Taiwan, which is politically governed, over the past four years. The state of Taipei vehemently rejects the island’s claim that it is its own place.

Following his January vote, Taiwan’s newly elected president, Lai Ching-te, will be inaugurated on January 1. Beijing has labelled Lai a “dangerous secessionist” and has rejected repeated provides for deals.

Lai stated in a pre-recorded information to the Copenhagen Democracy Summit that he would labor to maintain the status quo across the sea.

” I will not rule out discourse with China on the rules of common respect, mutual benefits and respect, with no assumptions”, he said.

Taiwan’s defence ministry said that starting at 5pm ( 9am GMT ), it had spotted 23 Chinese military aircraft, including advanced Su- 30 fighters, carrying out” joint combat readiness patrols” in conjunction with warships.

A total of 15 of the Chinese aircraft crossed the strait’s middle column, or areas nearby, and flew into airport to the north, center and south of Taiwan, the department said.

Chinese military aircraft then often fly over the median line, which was once an unofficial border between the two countries. China says it does not accept the route’s life.

Taiwan has reported a Chinese” shared combat readiness patrol” at least three times in a fortnight.

Outside of business days, China’s defense department did not respond to requests for comment.