Swimmer rescued 80km off Japan after 36-hour ordeal

Tokyo: After 36 time, a woman who went swimming off a Japanese shore was found 80 kilometers away from the coast, according to authorities.

After the concern was raised for the Chinese woman in her 20s on Monday night in the northern Shizuoka place, the nearby coast guard launched a search and rescue operation.

A local Japan Coast Guard national told AFP that the person’s friend reported her missing to a local convenience store on July 8 and that she had been missing around 7.55pm.

The girl, who was unnamed, informed volunteers that she had been swept out of the water and was unable to go back to the beach because she was swimming with a rubber band.

A cargo send reportedly found her floating off the southern edge of Chiba’s Boso coast at 7.48 am on Wednesday, according to the standard.

A smaller local tanker’s staff members who had been contacted by radio jumped into the water to save her.

The official said that there are 80 kilometers in a straight line ( between the beach and rescue location ), but it is assumed that she drifted even further.

After the save, the girl was discharged from the hospital, but she was unhurt because she had no lethal dehydration.