S’pore ‘redoubling efforts’ to better understand mental health issues youths face, says DPM Wong

S'pore 'redoubling efforts' to better understand mental health issues youths face, says DPM Wong

He noted that this pattern of poorer mental health is also present in different nations and that, according to researchers, this is related to two issues. He was the first politician to talk on a political motion on improving mental healthcare.

The first is extensive use of social press, as stated:

  • the ongoing need to project a favorable pictureonline
  • the worry of missing out
  • systems that swarm information feeds with offensive-looking reports
  • Problems with cyberbullying

Additionally, he claimed that as people spend more time online, they are more likely to experience sleep deprivation, less physical activity, and fewer real-world interactions—all of which are crucial for the growth of a healthy mind.

The next problem has to do with what occurs online in daily life. &nbsp,

According to Mr. Wong, “other experts believe that it’s not just about more online protection, and that we also need to lighten up in the real world and supply our kids more room for independence and complimentary play.”

Children are less likely to grow up feeling independent and confident enough to take control of their own lives when they have less space to play, observe, interact, and develop social skills at a young age, according to him.

Mr. Wong emphasized that more research is required to better comprehend the latest changes in youths ‘ mental health. &nbsp,

To design and implement the appropriate interventions to assist our youths, it is necessary to conduct additional research and study in order to identify the major causative factors and the interactions between these factors.

He pointed out that while teen anxiety has always been a part of growing up, it has changed since the early 2010s, when young people worldwide have expressed more mental health concerns than in previous colleagues.

More nations and nbsp have reported an increase in suicidal thinking among young people, as well as mental health issues like anxiety and depression. &nbsp,

The growing mental health needs of US children were dubbed the “defining public health problems of our time” by the U.S.&nbsp’s Surgeon General last season. &nbsp,

According to Mr. Wong, youth anxiety, depression, and a variety of mental illnesses are rising even in the Scandinavian nations, which persistently place highly in surveys of global happiness and well-being. &nbsp,

But, Mr. Wong pointed out that this trend is not as prevalent as it is in some nations, where mental health issues are mistaken for other issues like drug abuse, homelessness, and city violence. &nbsp,

However, he added,” It is still a worrying tendency, and we are taking this very seriously.”

” We are intensifying our efforts to better understand the problems that youthful people face as part of our strategy,”&nbsp