Special pass of migrant worker fired over ‘loan shark’ harassment not extended further after last ditch appeal

Special pass of migrant worker fired over 'loan shark' harassment not extended further after last ditch appeal

The officers and MOM originally cited in their assertion on Thursday evening that Mr. Sharif’s Special Pass had not been extended.

According to them, he claimed that while police investigations into the unlicensed moneylender harassment reports were ongoing, he had been given enough time since his work permit was terminated on April 11 to look for a new job under the Temporary Job Scheme ( TJS).

A migrant worker who needs to remain in Singapore to aid in studies can apply for a job with the TJS, but this would require the agency’s acceptance, according to MOM’s website.

In order to help this job search, MOM and the Migrant Workers ‘ Centre had connected him with job organizations.

Upon his demand. On May 13, the government even sent him an email confirmation of his TJS registration.

According to ICA and MOM,” We understand that Mr. Sharif had turned down work offers, including those that included working as a pack and hotel cleaner.”

” As authorities investigations into the situation have concluded, and Mr Sharif has not found fresh career, he has to keep Singapore”.

Mr. Sharif’s Special Pass was originally scheduled to expire on May 24, but it was changed to three weeks after he requested more time to make travel plans.

A further improvement to May 31 for granted, “given the situation of his situation”, said ICA and MOM.

According to them,” If Mr. Sharif wish to return to Singapore for work in the future, he will need to apply for a work permit again based on the current requirements,” they continued.