Somchai puts name down for Senate race

Somchai puts name down for Senate race
Somchai puts name down for Senate race
On Monday, former prime minister Somchai Wongsawat files to work for the Chiang Mai Senate. ( Photo: Panumet Tanraksa )

Former prime minister Somchai Wongsawat has registered to work for a Senate seats in Chiang Mai following a hectic launch on Monday.

On Monday, Mr. Somchai was seen arriving at the Mae Rim neighborhood theater in Chiang Mai to record his nomination.

The previous premier is the spouse of Yaowapha Wongsawat, paroled ex- leading Thaksin Shinawatra’s girlfriend.

With the support of the decision Pheu Thai Party, his choice to contest is thought to have been made to help his early bid to become the speaker of the Senate. &nbsp, &nbsp,

According to a cause, Thaksin, who is regarded as the de facto leader of Pheu Thai, intends to nominate Mr. Somchai as the next Senate speech, a position that may increase the group’s standing in the parliamentary branch. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Up until May 24th, applicants will be able to submit an application for the Senate vote. Each candidate may give a 2, 500- ringgit registration fee.

Members of the new 200- chair Senate did come from 20 expert groups, but will not be immediately elected by the public. The candidates did cast ballots among themselves in three levels, starting with intra-professional organizations and moving up to district-level intergroups. Candidates who are successful in the district-level elections will continue to cast inter-group ballots at the provincial and national levels. &nbsp,

In Mae Rim area, at least 200 individuals registered for the contest on Monday. Some were reportedly well-known nearby numbers.

Noppadol Suya, the director of Chiang Mai’s elections, reported that applications were likely to best 1,500 on the first day of subscription only.

According to Mr. Noppadol, it is one of the regions with the highest number of applicants, surpassing Bangkok and Si Sa Ket.

Due to the Senate election laws, individuals are not permitted to canvass for votes, so Mr. Noppadol cautioned reporters against interviewing candidates. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Itthiporn Boonpracong, the commission’s chair, stated on Monday that the commission had given the election’s organizers a thorough explanation of the voting regulations.

In Bangkok alone, more than 5, 000 officers were on hand to assist with the program approach, he noted.

Nevertheless, Manoch Nakkerd, an claimant, said the 2, 500- ringgit registration fee is very high. He said the price does hinder some individuals from applying, noting the price may be lowered to 500- 1, 000 ringgit. &nbsp,

The problem was quickly fixed, a resource said, despite the claim that the registration system was over on Monday morning.