Slot machine claim spurs probe order

Slot machine claim spurs probe order

Slot machine claim spurs probe order
Slot machines at an improper game in Nonthaburi. ( Photo courtesy of Immigration Bureau )

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, has instructed the Metropolitan Police Bureau to look into a statement made in a Line party talk by a Phasi Charoen officers director against his superior, who reportedly demanded from him to let a gambling ring set up slot machines in his country.

He stated that any allegations of corruption in the police power will be investigated despite not receiving more information on the subject.

The drama began on Friday, when Phasi Charoen police superintendent, Pol Col Pairoj Namuangrak, blasted one of his superiors– a police big general– for ordering him to look the other way as a native gambling ring moved to install some slot machines in his jurisdiction.

The concept, which was posted in a class talk that had 393 people, was deleted by Pol Col Pairoj the next day, a resource said.

But, people had already leaked a picture, which prompted MPB director Pol Lt Gen Thiti Sangsawang to call an immediate meeting to discuss the claims made during the group chat.

The source claimed that Pol Col Pairoj brought a bouquet to the meeting and presented it to Metropolitan Police Division 9 chief Pol Maj Gen Prason Anmanee, who allegedly was the subject of the complaints.

The source continued, adding that the Phasi Charoen police superintendent admitted he did n’t check the accuracy of the information before making it public that Pol Col Pairoj claimed he was under a lot of stress and insisted the message he posted was untrue.

Pol Maj Gen Prasong claimed that he had no programs to file legal actions against the director and that he had no remorse against him.

Mr. Srettha claimed that he had never been properly informed about the event.

Nevertheless, he maintained the authorities must get to the bottom of the issue.

” It wo n’t stop with an apology”.