Six killed in suicide attack on Chinese engineers in Pakistan

Six killed in suicide attack on Chinese engineers in Pakistan

Six people were killed when a suicide bomber rammed a car into a convoy of Chinese engineers working on a dam project in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday ( Mar 26 ), according to police. This was the third significant attack on Chinese interests in the South Asian nation in a week.

In Balochistan, where China invests billions in infrastructure jobs, an airport and a strategic port were hit by the first two episodes.

The designers were traveling from Islamabad to their station at the Dasu bridge construction site in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, according to Mohammad Ali Gandapur, the local police chief, who spoke to Reuters.

According to Gandapur,” Five Chinese citizens and their Muslim vehicle were killed in the attack.”

Dasu has a significant bridge, and the place has previously been attacked. A fire on a vehicle killed 13 folks, including nine Foreign nationals, in 2021.

Beijing has invested over US$ 65 billion in infrastructure projects as part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) as part of its wider Belt and Road initiative, with Chinese engineers working on a number of projects in Pakistan.

No one claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s harm, nor was there a state for the 2021 harm. Extremists and racial militants are the main foes of Pakistan’s two insurgencies, one of which seeks independence.

Although cultural extremists are generally fighting Chinese interests, they typically operate in the government’s south and southwest, far from the site of Tuesday’s harm.

Extremists mostly operate in the north of the country, in the area where the fleet was attacked.

Pleasure efforts were launched after the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa officers arrived on the scene.

A separate police source claimed that the convoy was carrying workers from China Gezhouba Group Company ( CGGC), which is engaged in the Dasu hydropower project, which was being pursued in 2021.

Following that assault, construction work stopped for weeks.

China’s official in Islamabad did not respond to a request for comment via email.

According to a resource in the Prime Minister’s Office, the problems occur a week before Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is scheduled to travel to Beijing. It will be Sharif’s second visit since taking office following February votes.

Ishaq Dar, the country’s foreign secretary, condemned the invasion and declared that the nation would continue to fight back against militants.