Singaporean named top graduate at US Air Force Academy, first in almost 30 years

Singaporean named top graduate at US Air Force Academy, first in almost 30 years

SINGAPORE: A Republic of Singapore Air Force ( RSAF ) officer has graduated top of his cohort at the prestigious&nbsp, United States Air Force Academy, making him the first Singaporean to achieve that in nearly 30 years.

The four- time program at the open universities and military support academy combines athletics, character and leadership development, and defense training. &nbsp,

Lieutenant ( LTA ) Jonathan Loh was seen waving&nbsp, the Singapore flag at his graduation event last month, &nbsp, which was graced by US Vice President Kamala Harris.

At the celebration on May 30, LTA Loh received 10 prizes from the club.

The 25-year-old, who said he did not expect it and felt “overwhelmed,” was surprised to learn that he was the dean.

LTA Loh, who completed his experiments at Beatty Secondary School and St Andrew’s Junior College, said he has “never been number one in something” like that before.

” I had to give my best, which was all I was required to perform.” I’m certainly obliged to be the dean. I’m not entitled to it, LTA Loh said in a press interview on Friday ( Jun 7 ).

He recalled a quote that the principal of the academy used to say:” If you see a turtle on a fencepost, you know it did n’t get there by itself”.

LTA Loh said,” I love that quote because I know I had to be there by myself at that time, but I did n’t.”

He continued,” Proud, proud, honored, and saddened” to storm the Singapore symbol. &nbsp,

Being associated with retired captain Low Chung Guan, the second Taiwanese to achieve the top of his class at the university in 1995, and being a member of LTA Loh’s team was a great honor.

LTA Loh, who is a captain intern at the Air Force Training Command, continued,” The success is not the end but rather another step in a job he is “excited to live.”