Singaporean businessman David Yong featured in new Netflix show has a cash counting machine in his living room

Singaporean businessman David Yong featured in new Netflix show has a cash counting machine in his living room

Super Rich In Korea, a new Netflix range show that focuses on the tastes of five wealthy people who have chosen to establish a foundation in Korea, is a popular choice.

One of its major cast members is 37- yr- old Singaporean businessman, Evergreen Group Holdings CEO David Yong.

On the show, Yong declared himself as part of” Singapore’s best 1 per cent super rich”, and gave a brief tour of his four- floor palace in Singapore.

Yong’s house is an house in the posh Hotel Signiel Seoul in Korea.

He took Teodoro Marani, a friend and fellow Super Rich In Korea co-star, on a journey of his home. Milan-born restaurant and entrepreneur.

Besides noting the magnificence of Yong’s design, Marani’s attention was drawn to an object that sat in the living space – an automatic cash- calculating machine.

He asked Yong if counting money is his favorite passion, to which Yong replied:” One of my interests. Often, cash is more easy”. Finally, using a stack of 50, 000 won papers, he demonstrated how the system would be used.

” Do you not have this in Italy”? asked Yong. Marani replied:” We do, but not in my home”.

In an interview, Marani said:” I love David, wonderful man, great friend. ( But ) the money counting machine? Actually? In the living space, do you need it?

Cut to Yong, who replies with a feisty:” So what? Blow me”.

He also revealed that he is currently renting the space at Signiel, and paid 500 million won ( US$ 365, 400 ) as deposit. His monthly fee is 20 million fought, and his apartment’s cleaning costs are 2 million won, he claimed is” no great deal.”

Despite having only a tiny room in his present home, Yong later said he wanted to move to a bigger one.

The market is finally given a tour of Yong’s wander- in attire, which sees his clothing and accessories on screen. That was when Thailand- born Asian hero Bam Bam, who is part of the movie’s section of critics, pointed out a view in Yong’s army.

” How does he have that enjoy”? wondered Bam Bam.

The limited-edition watches, which was originally sold for US$ 6.5 million in an auction, is a partnership between the luxury brands Tiffany &amp, Co. and Patek Philippe, as it turns out.

Talk about mad abundant right?

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