Singapore PM thanks Thailand for SIA emergency assistance

Singapore PM thanks Thailand for SIA emergency assistance

34 people also hospitalised in Bangkok

Singapore PM thanks Thailand for SIA emergency assistance
Singapore Airlines journey SQ321, which was parked on the belt after making an emergency landing last Wednesday, can be seen clearly from the passenger terminal in Suvanabhumi. ( Photo: Reuters )

The Singapore Airlines flight’s passengers and crew were helped by Thailand, which is where Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lawrence Wong thanked the country for its assistance and support next week.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, claimed on his X account that Mr. Wong called him on Tuesday night to congratulate the authorities and everyone else involved in the emergency response. &nbsp,

After experiencing severe weather turmoil as it approached Thailand, Singapore Airlines trip SQ321, which flew from London to Singapore, made an emergency landing at Suvarnabhumi last Wednesday. &nbsp,

One customer died of a soul strike, 34 other travellers remain hospitalised in Bangkok&nbsp,

In an release on Monday, the flight said 50 citizens who were on the London- Singapore trip on May 21 were still in Bangkok, including those receiving medical treatment. All the staff from aircraft SQ321 had returned to Singapore. Authorities in Thailand claimed that the majority of the injuries involved the head or neck, and that more than a few people required operation.

Singapore Airlines has since tightened house regulations for turbulence, but it has since stopped short of making it necessary for people to wear seatbelts the entire time.

The airline stated that it was entirely cooperating with the government looking into the incident.

A Qatar Airways aircraft over Turkey on Sunday likewise encountered extraordinary turmoil before the airplane landed as scheduled in Dublin, despite reports that injuries or fatalities are uncommon. Twelve passengers were hurt, total.