Singapore Food Agency to get new CEO on May 1

Singapore Food Agency to get new CEO on May 1

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Food Agency ( SFA ) will have a new CEO from May 1, with the appointment of&nbsp, Mr Chan Chee Weng Damian from the Economic Development Board ( EDB).

Mr Chan succeeds Mr Lim Kok Thai, who will be retiring from public service, &nbsp, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment ( MSE ) announced on Monday ( Mar 25 ). &nbsp,

Mr Chan, 51, &nbsp, is now the executive vice president of EDB’s people investment party and a part of EDB’s professional commission. &nbsp,

He held a range of key management positions at the company, including jobs in&nbsp, superior production, agrifood, and environmental conservation.

” Mr Chan brings relevant expertise to Model given his command in the development of Singapore’s agrifood industry in the last few decades. He had even led the development of the Energy &amp, Chemicals and Electronics business”, said MSE.

Expressing its appreciation to the outgoing CEO, the ministry noted that Mr Lim was appointed chief of the former&nbsp, Agri- Food &amp, Veterinary Authority of Singapore ( AVA ) in October 2017.

He became CEO of SFA in April 2019 after some features of AVA were transferred to the new legal board. &nbsp,

Under Mr Lim’s management, SFA worked with important events to ensure that there were enough food supplies for Singaporeans during the COVID- 19 crisis. &nbsp,

He oversaw efforts to develop Singapore’s ability and capability to safely make 30 per share of its nutritional needs directly by 2030.

He even led the legislative committee in reviewing and enhancing the meal safety system, strengthening SFA’s food safety capabilities, as well as applying data analytics to choose a risk- based approach to food safety management.