Seoul fully suspends inter-Korean military pact over trash balloons

Seoul fully suspends inter-Korean military pact over trash balloons

President Yoon “has just approved the’ September 19 ( 2018 ) Military Agreement Suspension Proposal'”, which the cabinet had already signed off on, his office said in a statement.

With Yoon’s consent, the deal is suspended with effect right away.

The South will be able to resume life fire drills and re-enter speaker propaganda campaigns along the North’s border.

The South has counteracted what it perceives as major North Korean provocations by using the loudspeaker campaigns, which are regarded as psychological warfare strategy dating back to the 1950s and 1950s as a deterrent.

For instance, it next deployed them in 2016 after Pyongyang’s fifth nuclear test, before canceling them days before the historical 2018 inter-Korean summit, where the tension-relieving military deal was signed.

South Korea uses big megaphones to broadcast everything from K-pop to anti-regime propaganda in areas close to the physically divided demilitarized zone separating the two countries, which still are at war.

Pyongyang is enraged by the channels, which have recently threatened artillery attacks against the loudspeaker products unless they were turned off.

Pyongyang claimed that the garbage balloons were retaliation for South Asian activists ‘ earlier messages sent northward.

An anti-Pyongyang team in the South made the revelation on Monday that they had flown around 2, 000 USB flash drives filled with songs by South Korea’s big walk song Lim Young- woong, as well as other K-pop songs and K-dramas, into the North on May 10.

North Korea is very concerned about its citizens getting exposure to South Korea’s vibrant common lifestyle.

In accordance with a statement from the UN, Pyongyang passed a law in 2020 that would have allowed them to sentence someone who distributed a sizable amount of media information from the South to life in prison or even the death penalty.

Pyongyang allegedly tried to mash GPS signals for a number of times past week, according to Seoul.

The North stopped the balloon assault on Sunday, saying it had been a successful failsafe but warning that more may follow if needed.