Senators size up targets

Senators size up targets

Argument covers budget plan, Thaksin

Senators size up targets
Lawmakers attend a conference at parliament. ( File photo: Chanat Katanyu )

The overlapping claims area ( OCA ) in the Gulf of Thailand claimed by Thailand and Cambodia, the government’s digital- wallet project and the treatment of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra will be among topics for a general debate by the Senate on Monday.

A common argument without a ballot may be lodged under Area 153 of the constitution.

It will be the last vision of the 250 senators appointed by the now- former revolution- makers, the National Council for Peace and Order, to keep the government in test before its five- time expression ends on May 11.

During their five- time tenure, the lawmakers have never before exercised their right to lodge for a conversation. The second comes on Monday, it is also the first since the Pheu Thai Party took office.

But, observers say the conversation may not give much pleasure as it has been in the functions for some time.

The basic debate may take 15 hours. The legislators may get allocated 11 days and 30 days to pan the government and government officials will be given three days to describe.

Senator Kamnoon Sidhisamarn said he will raise the issue regarding the OCA, which is one of the plans the government announced in congress.

The OCA, which covers a 26, 000- rectangular- kilometre region claimed by both countries, is believed to be an region prosperous in fossil- fuel sources.

Numerous rounds of discussions on the joint development of strength solutions have been held formerly, but no progress was made due to the debate over the sea territory in the OCA.

Mr Kamnoon said he will debate on how negotiations on the issue should be held to ensure maximum benefits for the country.

He said Thailand and Cambodia should focus on sharing benefits during the talks, rather than the boundary issue.

According to sources, other issues to be raised during the debate will include the government’s handling of economic problems.

The senators will also target the 10, 000- baht digital wallet scheme, the flagship policy of the Pheu Thai- led government to stimulate the economy, which would see 10, 000 baht handed out to about 50 million Thais.

The scheme has not been implemented yet, as the National Anti- Corruption Commission recently sounded various concerns over the scheme.

The legality of the scheme has been called into question as the government plans to request a 500- billion- baht loan to fund it, which goes against Pheu Thai’s election campaign promise that it will not resort to taking out loans.

The Senate will also grill the Pheu Thai- led government over its treatment of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Senator Kittisak Rattanawaraha earlier said the grilling of the cabinet would focus on the parole granted to Thaksin by the Ministry of Justice and how the ministry allowed him to be kept in hospital detention until his release on parole.

Mr Kittisak said all senators who have signed up for the debate are more than ready to question the government about its controversial handling of the Thaksin case, and none of them are afraid of facing a libel suit.

Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham Wechayachai on Sunday said Thaksin is an outsider so the senators should not discuss his personal matters during the debate.

” Thaksin has no influence over the government. Therefore, the senators should not speak about him during the debate,’ ‘ Mr Phumtham said, adding he hopes members of the Upper House will offer information that is useful to the government.