Sea turtle hatchlings reach destination safely

Sea turtle hatchlings reach destination safely

Officials from the Phangngna garden took care of the nest after the mother passed away while tangled in a fish net.

Sea turtle hatchlings reach destination safely
In Khao Lampi- Helmet Thai Mueang National Park in the state of Phangnga, infrared photo shows leatherback sea turtle hatchlings moving toward the water. ( Photo: Hat Thai Mueang National Park in Khao Lampi )

According to officials of Khao Lampi- Helmet Thai Mueang National Park, 66 child leatherback turtles have emerged from their eggs and made it safely to the water in the southern state of Phangnga.

According to garden key Prarop Plangngan, the eggs were laid by a tortoise named Mae Thai Mueang that was discovered dead late last month.

About 58 weeks ago, more than 70 hens were laid, and on Sunday, they started to nest. According to a post by Mr. Prarop on the museum’s Twitter page, the initial six turtle emerged at 10.45 p.m. and soon after safely returned to the water.

The next day, between 8 and 11 p.m., another 61 child turtles came out of the colony. Three were kept in incubation containers until they could get released without risk because their egg sacs were still attached to them.

Park team examined the area and found that 10 hens were infertile and that two had spoiled while incubating.

On January 23, the Mae Thai Mueang turtle, whose flippers and neck were caught in a fishing nets and believed to have killed it, washed up on the shore close to the national park defense unit in Thailand Muang district.

The main threat to leatherback turtle is aquatic particles, according to Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a sea environment academic at nbsp.

This time, a full of 11 leatherback eggs have been discovered, including the one whose hatching began on Sunday. Up until March, eggs in another nests along the beaches in Phangnga will eventually hatch.