Ruangkrai renews bid to ban 44 MFP MPs

Ruangkrai renews bid to ban 44 MFP MPs
Ruangkrai renews bid to ban 44 MFP MPs
Ruangkrai Leekitwattana, a social activist

On Sunday, political activist Ruangkrai Leekitwattana petitioned the National Anti-Corruption Commission ( NACC ) to look into 44 Move Forward Party ( MFP ) MPs to see if it was moral for them to support a bill to amend the lese majeste law.

A bill to amend Part 112 of the Criminal Code, also referred to as the Lese Majeste laws, has been submitted by the MPs.

Mr. Ruangkrai claimed that his petition was based on the Constitutional Court’s ruling from January 31 that the MFP had attempted to overthrow the democratic monarchy and violated the charter by pushing to amend the der majeste law.

According to Mr. Ruangkrai, he first petitioned the NACC in September 2021 to examine the actions of the 44 MFP MPs to see if they had broken the ethical standards outlined in Section 234 ( 1 ) of a 2017 constitution. &nbsp,

The Lese Majeste Law Amendment Bill was not on the House plan because it contained flaws, according to a response from the Office of the NACC dated January 16, 2022.

According to the business, those who propose bills that are deemed to be against the law are subject to punishment under the current mandate and House rules. It did, however, advise the appellant to provide more proof.

The specifics of the January 31 decision, according to Mr. Ruangkrai, may give the NACC new data to rethink its complaint.

He added that he also requested that the NACC think about whether the event should be sent to the Supreme Court for a decision under the anti-corruption law’s Area 87.

According to Section 87, the NACC must present the case to the Supreme Court for a decision if it finds evidence of significant ethical violations committed by political politicians. They might not be allowed to run for office if they are found innocent.