Ringleader of global monkey torture network, ‘The Torture King’, is charged

Ringleader of global monkey torture network, 'The Torture King', is charged
File image of Michael Macartney at his home in Virginia. He stands in front of a wall decked out with various flagsJoel Gunter/BBC

US national prosecutors have charged a leader of a global monkey-torture channel that the BBC exposed.

Michael Macartney, 50, who went by the name” Torture King”, was charged in Virginia with plot to create and distribute pet- crushing movies.

During a year-long investigation into cruel monkey torture organizations, the BBC Eye team identified Mr. Macartney as one of three essential distributors.

Two people have also been charged in the UK following the investigation.

Warning: This article contains shocking information

On the encrypted messaging apps Telegram, Mr. Macartney, a former bicycle gang member who recently spent time in prison, hosted some chat groups for people who want to talk about monkey torture.

The groups were able to brainstorm concepts for custom-made torture videos that included igniting live monkeys with tools, igniting them with them, and also putting one in a blender.

The suggestions were then sent to Indonesian film makers, who carried them out, sometimes killing the baby long-tailed monkey monkeys while doing it, along with obligations.

According to charging documents, Mr Macartney, who lives in the US state of Virginia, is accused by prosecutors of collecting money from his talk groups and distributing video depicting the” rape, murder, and biologically cruel amputation of animals, especially juvenile and adult monkeys”.

Mr. Macartney consented to plead guilty to conspiracy-related charges and worked with federal government investigators. He may formally enter a plea later this month, and he could spend up to five years behind bars.

Mr. Macartney admitted to his part in the rape system in a statement to the BBC Eye investigative group last year, calling himself the “king of this deranged world.”

” I was the man”, he said. You want to see messed up monkeys, do n’t you think? I was deliver it to you.”

Mr. Macartney also described the day he joined his first Telegram chimpanzee party.

” They had a ballot set up”, he said. ” Do you want a nail involved? Do you want tweezers involved? Do you want a hammer”?

According to Mr. Macartney, the resulting videos were” the most bizarre thing I have ever seen,” and he later rose to prominence among the monkey abuse organizations.

The BBC is aware that additional charges are likely to be filed quickly for other important players in the monkey rape network. At least 20 people were placed under investigation last year nationally, following the BBC’s research.

In the US, Mr. Macartney is one of three people who have already been charged. In Indonesia, two murderers were detained and imprisoned, and three other women were detained in the UK, two of whom have been indicted.

Last month, Adriana Orme, 55, and Holly LeGresley, 37, of Kidderminster, were accused of publishing an offensive content and inflicting unnecessary suffering on a secured animal.

Ms. LeGresley and Ms. Orme were prominent members of virtual abuse organizations. Ms. LeGresley, who went by the name” The Immolator,” was a moderator for a group that Mr. Macartney co-founded and was involved in the commission of some of the most intense video.

Two others have been charged with the same crimes as Mr. Macartney in the US.

David Christopher Noble, 48, a previous US Air Force officer who was formerly judge- martialed and dismissed from the defense, and Nicole Devilbiss, 35. They each face a maximum sentence of five years in prison.