Red Sea attacks have led to ‘some delays’ in Singapore’s imports from Europe: Gan Kim Yong

Red Sea attacks have led to 'some delays' in Singapore's imports from Europe: Gan Kim Yong

Operation Prosperity Guardian ( OPG) &nbsp, a naval task force established by the US and other nations to protect the crucial seaway, includes Singapore.

Last month, Dr. Ng announced that Singapore is enlisting a group of designers to create plans at their offices in collaboration with foreign partners.

Additionally, it will send a senior national consultant to Bahrain’s Combined Sea Forces ( CMF) as well as representatives from the Information Fusion Center of the Republic of Singapore Navy to support data sharing and awareness to the commercial shipping community.

Dr. Ng stated in a distinct written response on Monday that it is in Singapore’s best interest to participate in such global initiatives to keep important communication channels, like the Red Sea, available and secure for the free flow of trade.

He emphasized once more that Operation Prosperity Guardian had nothing to do with the Singapore Armed Forces ‘ ( SAF ) involvement in a string of American and British strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen.

Additionally, the Defense Minister urged the Houthis to halt their unauthorized Red Sea problems.


Dr. Ng also provided an update on the two-man SAF team serving aboard the French Armed Forces ‘ ( FAF ) ship FS Dixmude in a written response to another parliamentary question.

A modified hospital ship and nbsp serves as the plane ship.

As part of Singapore’s ongoing efforts to aid Gaza with humanitarian aid, the pair—Lieutenant Colonel ( LTC ) ( Dr. Nazirul Hannan Abdul Aziz ) and Military Expert 3 ( ME3 ) Jimmy Woo Ying Ming—were aboard the ship.

According to Dr. Ng,” they worked with the FAF and various international partners to provide medical assistance and post-operative medical treatment to civilian casualties from Gaza, including interventional and trauma patients with wounds ranging from infections, fractures, and mutilated limbs.”

With the fleet leaving Egypt on January 27, the pair’s implementation came to an end.

The Defense Minister stated that” the SAF will keep a close eye on the situation in the area and consider how we can further contribute to humanitarian assistance to Gaza.”