Ravi Menon to be Singapore’s first Ambassador for Climate Action

Ravi Menon to be Singapore's first Ambassador for Climate Action

SINGAPORE: Mr Ravi Menon, the former chief of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, will be the government’s earliest Ambassador for Climate Action.

He may play a major role in&nbsp, Singapore’s weather efforts internally and above, as well as represent the country at global climate action platforms.

” He will even drive public- exclusive partnerships with regional participants, in particular the business community, to help them acquire chances to succeed in a low- carbon future”, the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) said on Tuesday ( May 26 ).

Mr Menon will also be a top director at NCCS, which falls under the Prime Minister’s Office.

On April 1, both meetings take result.

Singapore has set a goal of achieving gross- zero&nbsp, pollution by 2050. &nbsp,

Some approaches to achieving that goal include promoting changes in business practices and investing in low-carbon technology. &nbsp,

Singapore will actively participate in fostering global cooperation to influence global climate action, and it will make use of our advantages as a global hub in doing so,” NCCS continued.