Ratchadamri condo ruling overturned

Ratchadamri condo ruling overturned

The Supreme Administrative Court overturned a lower court’s decision to revoke a building permit for a high-end home job on Ratchadamri Road in the Pathumwan area last month.

The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that because the task was access Rama IV Road and Rama I Road, the” Mahadlek Residence” job met the safety standards.

The court also stated that the rules governing building control and city planning were also followed by the floor area ratio ( FAR ) and open space ratio ( OSR ), and that this decision was overturned.

Following a disagreement between a group of 49 citizens and City Hall, the lawsuit was filed with the Administrative Court in 2019.

The Bangkok government, the director of the City Hall’s Department of Public Works, and the captain of Pathumwan city were named in the complaint.

The three allegedly violated their obligations by approving the project’s design because it did no adhere to the rules set forth in the environmental impact assessment.

The complainants requested that the three complie with the building power regulations and that the Central Administrative Court withdraw the structure license.

The jury later upheld their appeal, and the license was revoked on approval time.

The Supreme Administrative Court, which overturned the lower court’s decision on March 28, but, the three filed an appeal against the decision.

The 1.3 ray area story owned by the Office of the Privy Purse is the site of a 41-store property job.