Rare twin elephants born in Ayutthaya

Rare twin elephants born in Ayutthaya

Rare twin elephants born in Ayutthaya
On Friday nights, twin claves were born in the Royal Elephant Kraal Village in the Ayutthaya city of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. ( Photo: Ayutthaya Elephant Palace &amp, Royal Kraal Facebook )

Thailand: A 36- year- ancient elephant named Chamchuree has given delivery to a pair of male and female calves, a unique event for the animal, according to the Phra Kochaban Foundation.

The sisters were delivered on Friday evening at the Royal Elephant Kraal Village in the city of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, according to base leader Laithongrian Meephan.

Chamchuree first gave birth to the female leg, weighing about 80 kilos, and after 18 days gave birth to the girl, weighing 60kg, to the amazement and delight of the caretakers, he said.

The mini calves mark the courtyard town’s 94th and 95th births in 27 years of operation and their parents is the 29- yr- ancient elephant named Siam, he said.

Although Mr. Laithongrian claimed to have witnessed twin birth, the calves were typically the same gender.

Sisters with different sexes were uncommon, he said, noting Chamchuree’s calf could be the world’s primary twin animals of different gender.

A parser was hurt while assisting Chamchuree with the shipping, and according to Mr. Laithongrian, he was taken to the hospital for medical care.

In order to find a sick female elephant named Soithong, a group of animals and garden officials in Kanchanaburi has also begun an operation.

The 15-year-old wild rhinoceros has a bruised left cheek that needs to be checked and treated, and local officials are now looking for the animal to locate her.

The elephant, who gave birth to a female calf two years ago, was spotted with the wound about a month ago when she ran away from a community.

Authorities received an alert, and a professional crew was assembled to find and address the elephant. How well-known is their level of success?